Organic Kitchen Garden Workshop November 2012

From: Wendy Briscoe
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 4:06 PM

The kitchen garden workshop was FANTASTIC. Really worthwhile and so informative. I am now very inspired to super-size my veg garden and watch my veg grow!!!! Please thank Paul and tell him that I really enjoyed it.

Would love to order a veg box for Thursday. Order attached.
Have a wonderful week.

Warm regards,
Wendy B

Organic Kitchen Garden Workshop

Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 7:40 PM
Subject: Organic Kitchen Garden Workshop

Hello Paul
I wanted to thank you for the interesting and inspiring workshop on
Saturday. I really enjoyed it and benefited greatly. I hope it all
translates into a wonderful kitchen garden one day – I just haven’t had time
to start yet. When I’m ready -hopefully very soon- I’ll need a kickstart
with some of your compost and worms!

Thanks again.

Midlands Meander Association Education Project 2010

“There is no doubt that the inspiring workshops facilitated by Dovehouse Organic Farm have had a big impact on the success of our Food Gardening Programme in local schools. At Dovehouse one always learns more than one expects to and the farm is a wonderful example of living lightly and ethically on our planet. Thank you, Paul, Shereen and Mary, for sharing your vision of good wholesome food, produced without harm and accessible to all, with us.”

Nikki Brighton: Co-ordinator, Midlands Meander Association Education Project 2010

Link to Nikki’s blog :

Educators Comments

“I’m really inspired with the nature and permaculture system and delicious organic food. In fact it is interesting a lot” Dumisane Shange

“I enjoyed every minute of the workshop and I think I’ve fallen in love with gardening” Bheki Lipheyana

“It was fantastic and a very informative workshop. I think people should stop playing God and live the Natural way!” Sanele Duma

“Thanks for such a fruitful composting workshop. I learnt a lot. I even found a plant I have been looking for, for a long time. I think our gardens will differ from in the past”Yvonne Dlamini

“The workshop was not only fun but I learnt many things. Making compost is no longer a problem to me” Christine Sizane

“I didn’t realize that working in the garden was so much fun, but I think it’s the people around you that make you enjoy gardening” Nomsa Mkhasibe

“I used to be afraid of those red worms, I didn’t realise they were so beneficial” Flo Buthelezi

“This was a real eye opener. Before I just thought to plant rows of cabbages but now I want to start slowly and make a real food garden” Pat Ndawonde

“Paul has an immense knowledge of holistic organic permaculture gardening and was hugely successful in training my staff and myself. In his training, Paul incorporated pest management, companion planting, outdoor composting (& useful weeds), worm-farm success, liquid fertilizers, bed preparation, orchard improvements, and holistic gardening. Thank you Paul! You have been instrumental in my successful gardening and I highly recommend your workshops”

“A visit to Dovehouse Organics should not be missed! My family and I would not be having so much success on our organic, raw lifestyle were it not for Shereen’s well-stocked organic shop. You will enter Dovehouse farm as a customer and leave as a friend, as well as having enriched your life, body & soul. Congratulations Shereen, on having THE best organic produce and products” Tracy Edwards – Workshop & Perma-Scape visit with Paul