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Organic Shop


Welcome to the Dovehouse Shopping Experience.

Our focus is on producing and providing nutritious, local, fresh produce as we believe that investing in eating healthy food means that you wont need supplements. As a result Dovehouse Farm grows a wide variety of seasonal fruit and veg.

We also pride ourselves in supporting a range of small farmers who care for the soil, the planet and all it’s inhabitants. Providing top quality home grown produce.

In addition we also support a number of small businesses providing home made products and processed foods. It’s important for us to know where our food and products are coming from so we have developed a number of long standing relationships with trusted service providers over the years.

Fresh produce and bakes are delivered, from the farm, around 11.30 on a daily basis.

So whats in the Shop?

Fresh fruit, eggs and vegetables: Fresh, raw, local, seasonal, GMO and pesticide free. Delivered daily.

Wholefoods: Flour, grains, legumes, seeds, muesli, rice, flakes and more

Condiments: Herbs, spices, jams, preserves, spreads, dried fruit, salts, sugar substitutes, vinegar

Beverages: Cold drinks like Kombucha, Jun, coconut water, Kefir water, fresh juice and hot ginger shots. Flavoured waters, milk substitutes, teas, coffee and cocoa.

Health shop: Essential oils, natural remedies, Super foods, supplements, tissue salts, health snacks and dark chocolate

Garden and home: Cleaning, washing and pet products. Body, children/baby and feminine body products.

Home Industries: GF (Guilt free and gluten free) Bakes, soups, frozen meals, frozen lollies, broth,

Sourdough and gluten free breads, pita, rolls, guilt free health snacks and chocolate

Kitchen and refrigerated foods: Red and white meats, cultured veg, dairy, tofu, stewed fruit, frozen berries, cooking oils, pasta                                                ………………….and so much more