Welcome to the Dovehouse Organics

Paul and Shereen Duncan moved onto the Dovehouse Family farm in 2000 where they began farming vegetables naturally. “Our dream was to develop a small scale organic farm using permaculture design principles. That would not only provide a healthy lifestyle and income for our family, but also become an inspirational education center where people could come and learn about permaculture and organic gardening / farming techniques. We also dreamed that our community would have easy access to organic health foods and products ” Paul Duncan.

Paul partnered with Mary Mlambo (who by the way produces some of THE most delicious salad veggies) and a team of local small scale organic farmers. Together they focus on Permaculture.

Permaculture or “Permanent Culture”  is an energy efficient and ecologically sound, land use design framework, that uses conscious design to develop agriculturally productive ecosystems which link natural ecosystems to the built environment around us. In other words Permaculture is a natural way of living and farming in harmony with nature. By working with nature instead of against we create a healthy sustainable ecology for future generations.

Today, 19 years later, Dovehouse Farm is a productive working/living example of what can be done using permaculture ethics and design principles.

Shereen opened Dovehouse Organics Shop on the farm in 2004, which eventually moved to town and is now operating from 78 Main Street in Howick. The shop offers a variety of local, fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, breads, gluten free treats, whole foods, health shop supplements, personal hygiene products and eco-friendly household products that consider the environment, people, insects and animals.

Dovehouse Farm Kitchen has 12 years of experience in providing delicious, homemade biscuits, cakes, soups,  broth, bakes and a variety of delicious frozen meals. Also available in the shop.

We are open to catering requests.

Shop Opening Times

We are currently retailing at 78 Main Street. Fresh produce and fresh bakes are delivered around 11.30 am daily.

Opening times: Weekdays 8am to 5pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12.30pm

Closed Sunday and public holidays.

Office Hours: 8am – 4pm weekdays. Closed weekends and public holidays.


The farm is set up as a training venue for Permaculture, organic gardening, health and wellness related workshops. Due to busy schedules we now outsource training on request. Please contact us via email if you require training,  Permaculture consultations & or implementation.

Shereen Duncan: 082 868 4517 (Shop)
Paul Duncan: 084 292 4354 (Farm)